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Wedding traditions in Russia and Ukraine


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Wedding is a solemn moment not only in the lives of two young loving hearts, but also for two kin,whose members will become a new family. The door of the house where the wedding takes place is open to everyone – close and distant relatives, guests and passersby - everyone who wants to raise a glass in honor of the newlyweds and wish them happy life's journey.
The formation of a new family in Russia and Ukraine was always very important process in which the ritualism was formed. Wedding in national Slav style is the drama, which includes gaming activities, dancing, singing, music with characteristics of a national holiday. Each of rites has its own long history.

Bride redemption according to Russian traditions

In the morning on the wedding day at the bride's house should be heard weeping and crying of the bride and her girlfriends. According to ancient Russian tradition while the bride with a help of her bridesmaids is dressing up, she should mourn her girlhood.
The morning of the wedding day at the groom's house begins with the rite against evil eye. In order to protect the young man from evil envious looks you have to stick a needle or pin into his suit. Many centuries ago a sorcerer held a ritual, and today this function is performed by the bridesman.
After this ceremony the bridegroom collects gifts and money for the parents of the bride and her bridesmaids and with his bridesmen and matchmakers goes home of his beloved for a redemption ceremony. Bridesmaids and relatives of the bride are waiting by the door or in front of the bride’s room and try do not let the groom in without compensation. In ancient times the redemption was considered money, cakes, and candies.
During this ceremony the groom must show the girl's parents his material consistency, the desire to take care of his future wife and willingness to overcome all obstacles and life's difficulties for his beloved one. After the redemption the newlyweds go to church for their wedding ceremony.


Russian wedding feast

After wedding ceremony the wedding procession goes to the groom's home, where the young will be showered with grain, candies and flower petals. This ritual symbolizes wealth, fertility, love and understanding in a new family.

Bread and salt

Usually parents meet newlyweds with bread and salt. Traditionally, parents should bake wedding bread by themselves, but nowadays it is easier to order it. Newlyweds treat each other salted slices of the bread generously - this ceremony means that during their life they will have to eat a peck of salt together.
Then the husband takes his young wife in his arms and brings her into the house. This ritual means a deception of the brownie - because the bride grew up in a different family, and for him she is a stranger.
Festive feast

The feast begins after the wedding. The newlyweds are seated at the head of the wedding table. As silverware they use tied wooden spoons, which symbolize that now they will share all the food.
Now at some weddings we can see tied crystal glasses.
During a party a brideman must always make sure that none will steal bride's shoes, a wedding bench or a bride.
At the end of the holiday a bride is throwing her wedding bouquet to her single friends. That girl who will catch the bride's bouquet will get married soon.

The wedding night

According to the ancient tradition, the first night the young couple spent in Russian baths, in the hay loft or even in a stable. It was believed that there they will be protected from the evil eye and spoiling. Modern newlyweds also adhere to tradition to spend their first night somewhere else but not at home. Nowadays they choose more romantic places – they book a bridal suite at the hotel or immediately after the feast leave their place for honeymoon.

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