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You need to register on our site if you want to do more than browse people’s profiles. Registration is free.

Once registered, you will be able to upload pictures (strongly recommended), contact other users, and more.

There are three ways of contacting people on the website:

1. Send them a free message.

Members that have Internet access will get your message the next time they go online. Many of our female members do not have Internet access, and their correspondence is managed by local dating agencies that translate and deliver their incoming messages to the lady in person, or by phone.

You will be notified by email every time you get a new message. To open messages from the women you have already written to, you’ll need to purchase credtis, which can be done in a number of ways.

2. Send them a free smile.

A smile is a “Hi” message that will let the recipient know you are interested in them. You can send a smile when you are not sure what to say, or don’t have time to write a real letter.

3. Talk to them on the phone (1.8 or 1 credit per minute, depending on whether or not you require translation)

Call toll-free 1.866.974.6453 (outside of the US call +1 (312) 252-0005 ), or contact us via the Support Chat, and tell the operator who you would like to speak to, and at what time. This has to be done at least 24 hours in advance, unless you already have the lady’s phone number. An interpreter will call you at the desired time (in case the lady agrees) and put you through to the lady while staying on the line.

What is the next step? Contact a woman directly!

If you want to get a lady’s direct contact details, you will first need to fill out the IMBRA form, if you haven’t done that before (this concerns US citizens only); click here to download the form and requisite instructions. After that, there are two options. The first one (recommended) is to open 15 (fifteen) paid messages from the lady (the messages that you open before writing to a lady for the first time are free and don't count); at this point you have the right to request her contact details (or your money back, if for some unlikely reason they cannot be provided). To do this, go to her profile and click the button that says "Send contact info request". The other way is to pay a $50 fee, whereupon we will contact the lady and ask her permission to send you her contact details, but note that this money will not be refunded even if the lady refuses to disclose her contact info. Therefore you should make sure you have her consent before you proceed; if you haven't opened at least one paid message from the woman, you cannot apply for this option. Please note that exchanging personal contact information through our messaging system is not allowed, even if you do have 15 opened messages from a lady; if you want to exchange such information with a lady, contact us. Once a woman has granted her permission, her contact details will appear on the Requested Contacts page in your profile.

We do not allow contact between members outside our website before they have officially exchanged contact information. Outside contact includes our competitor websites, social network websites, skype, etc. Outside contact violates our Terms and Conditions and may violate IMBRA law, which may in turn jeopardize a lady's chance to get a US visa in the future and men's chance to sponsor a K-1 visa. It also opens possibilities for scam. We do not allow our ladies to contact men outside our website, nor to respond to men's attempts to circumvent our rules. If you are contacted outside our website by someone claiming to be a lady from our website - please be cautious as this could be a scam attempt. All of the above applies only before you have officially exchanged contact information. After contact exchange you are free to communicate without our involvement.

Price structure

Our services are free for women, but men need to purchase credits to be able to open their incoming mail. How much a credit costs depends on the amount you buy:

100 credits or more: $1 for each credit

55-99 credits: $1.09 for each credit

10-54 credits: $2 for each credit

The price of opening women’s letters also varies, for a number of reasons. While all of our male members have Internet access, that isn’t always the case with our female members. Delivering messages to some of them involves calling them and asking them to come to the local agency’s office to read and reply to their mail. Every local agency offers translation services to those who don’t know English well enough to write and read their letters themselves. In case a woman cannot come to the office, an translator will read the message to her over the phone and/or it will be printed out and mailed to her, which costs money. It is easier if the woman in question does have Internet access, in which case the translated letters are simply forwarded to her email, and that affects the price, as well.

A lot of the women do have an email address, and you can correspond with them directly, without any agency involvement, at a very low price (as low as 0.5 credits per letter).

Popularity is another factor. On many dating sites there exists the problem of a few extremely popular girls getting all the attenton, which is bad both for the rest of the women who don’t get any letters and for the guys whose letters go unanswered. To get around this, we have introduced a floating price for correspondence depending on the number of men a woman is actively corresponding with. The more letters a woman receives, the more her messages will cost to open (however, for those who have already opened a paid message from a woman, the price will remain fixed, as far the letters of that particular woman are concerned). This imposes a natural limit on the number of men writing to her. If it comes to the point where too many letters go unanswered and the price cannot be raised any higher, the woman’s profile will be omitted from search results (but otherwise still accessible). If a woman isn’t answering any letters, her profile will be suspended and may be eventually removed for inactivity.

All the aforementioned factors determined the cost of opening each particular letter. The cost can vary from 0.5 to 20 credits.

How do I know that a lady is available?

She is if you can see her profile. If a member is inactive for a while – not logging in, not answering their mail, etc. – their profile is removed following a warning by email. The profiles of those who no longer want to be on the website for one reason or another are also removed.

Do you have any success stories that I can read?

You can read success stories and other positive feedback from clients on our Testimonials page.

Are credit card transactions secure?

In a nutshell, they are. We haven’t had a single case of credit card data theft since we started in 1997.

What follows is a more detailed answer. The credit card transactions on our site are as secure as they can be on the Internet. We process credit card data via our own secure server with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption as most businesses on the Intenet do. SSL browser encryption provided by Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer keeps your credit card information private while it is transferred over the Internet. To ensure privacy, all the information you submit through our order form is transmitted in secure mode, not just the credit card details. Your credit card data is kept encrypted until it reaches your processing bank via a dedicated line. Only you, us, and the processing bank have access to the unencrypted credit card information.

Whether you shop on Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, or accessing your credit card statement online, you get exactly the same protocol - SSL encryption. SSL is probably the most common and reliable encryption protocol on the Web, which doesn’t mean, of course, that it is 100% secure. Given enough time, a person with the necessary skills can access pretty much any information on the web, but in this case, it’s rarely worth the effort, because it is almost impossible to buy something worth more than a hundred dollars or so using only the credit card details, but without possessing the card itself. Besides, with the majority of credit cards, you are not liable for the fraudulent use of your card information, or the maximum liability is $50.

For increased protection, we NEVER keep your credit card information on the server. Additionally, according to Visa and Mastercard regulations, we do not store the CVV code (the three or four digit security code on the back of your card) anywhere at all, and in most cases, credit card details are useless without it.

Your credit card details are stored, in encrypted form, only on our internal computers, and only for the purpose of assisting you if you have trouble processing your order on-line, or to issue refunds. We never charge your card without your authorization. No "recurring" charges, no membership fees. Guaranteed.
dating russian women